Origin of Slow Relaxation of Liquid Water

We have investigated detailed dynamics of liquids.

Origin of slow relaxation in liquid-water dynamics: A possible scenario for the presence of bottleneck in phase space

We study slow relaxation in dynamics of liquid water at room temperatures and propose a consistent interpretation explaining why liquid-water dynamics exhibits power law relaxation behavior and can form the bottleneck in phase space even though it is a manydimensional and strongly chaotic system. Our idea is inspired by recent developments of perturbation theories of Hamiltonian systems, and is reminiscent of the so-called Boltzmann-Jeans conjecture. Within this scenario, it is natural to expect that slow relaxation is not limited to liquid-water dynamics. We found that our hypothesis works well in predicting the relaxation properties of other molecules. The relation to the potential landscape picture is also discussed.

Shudo, Ichiki & Saito, Europhys. Lett. 73, 826 (7 pages) (2006). Shudo & Saito, Adv. Chem. Phys. 130, 375-421, (2005).