5th CJK-WTCC -Theoretical Chemistry in Digital Transformation (DX) Era-

  1. Date: January 12-14, 2022 (Online symposium)
  2. Program: Time table (including poster presentations)(updated on Dec.27,2021)
  3. Registration: Japanese registration is here English registration page is here
  4. Registration fee: free

Invited speakers
  • Prof. Daeheum Cho(Kyungpook National University)
       'Time-resolved Stimulated X-ray Raman Spectroscopy and Time- and frequency-resolved X-ray Diffraction of Conical Intersections'
  • Prof. Jeong-Mo Choi (Pusan National University)
       'Biomolecular Phase Separation: Models and Simulations'
  • Prof. Sunghwan Choi (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information)
       'Machine Learning Applications for NMR spectroscopic data'
  • Prof. Miho Hatanaka (Keio University)
       'Activation energy database for catalyst screening'
  • Prof. Jun Jiang (University of Science and Technology of China)
       'Machine Learning in Molecular Spectroscopy Study'
  • Prof. Juyong Lee (Kangwon National University)
       'Finding multiple transition pathways with QM potentials by combining Action minimization and Gaussian process'
  • Prof. Jian Liu (Peking University)
       'Phase Space Mapping Theory for Nonadiabatic Molecular Dynamics'
  • Prof. Wataru Mizukami (Osaka University)
       'Expanding the applicability of the variational quantum eigensolver towards the practical quantum chemical calculations'
  • Prof. Azusa Muraoka (Japan Women's University)
       'Discovery of Solar Cell Materials by Machine Learning and Quantum Chemical Calculation'
  • Prof. Kei-ichi Okazaki (Institute for Molecular Science)
       'Molecular simulation and statistical inference of functional motions of biomolecular machines'
  • Prof. Cheng Shang (Fudan University)
       'The development of LASP software and its application in heterogeneous catalysis simulation'
  • Prof. Lin Shen (Beijing Normal University)
       'Evaluation on Excited-State Dynamics Simulation and Machine Learning for Nonlinear Optical Crystals'
  • Prof. Hyeyoung Shin (Chungnam National University)
       'In Silico Design of Highly Active Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Evolution Reaction'
  • Prof. Takashi Tuchimochi (Kobe University)
       'Hybrid Classical-Quantum Algorithms for Quantum Chemistry'
  • Prof. Qiunan Xu (Shandong University)
       'Comprehensive scan for nonmagnetic Weyl semimetals with nonlinear optical response'

  • Local Organizers

    Hiromi Nakai (Waseda University), Takahito Nakajima (RIKEN), Shinji Saito (IMS)

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